I am Nathan Aleman and I am an up and coming programmer. I am currently attending Westminster College to obtain a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Data Science. On my free time, I love to go to the park with my dogs, draw and learn new things.

My Skills



I specialize in C++ and Python. I started programming three years ago and I feel like I have learned so much and come a long way. I personally created this website and have created some terminal C++ games that you can check out at my github! See more information on my programming skills at my About Me page.



I was an intern at a web design company, Webvisable, in Costa Mesa, California where I assisted in creating websites and cfreating SEO's for clients. I am also a quantitative research analysis assistant for my college where I webscrape to find new and interesting data sets for the data science courses. See more information on my Experiences at my Reume page.