Full Stack Projects


Slopes Survey Website

This project was produced by my group in my software engineering class with a real world client. Our client is a Neuroscience professor who wanted to make a website to help avoid deaths in avalanches. Our website first begins with a survey displaying a bunch of different pictures of moutain slopes and the user has to try to correctly interrpret the angle of each slope. Then the website transforms into information about the study and avalanche safety information. An avalanche is 80% more likely to occur when the mountain slope is greater than 35 degrees. This study wants to train the human brain to recognize these slopes and prevent anyone being stuck in an avalanche.

Without the tremendous efforts of our team and what each person brought to the table, this project would not be the same. Working in a team setting, allowed us to find every solution to a problem and allowed us to communicate why a certain solution was best. This project also helped me attain a system-level understanding of the computer by finding solutions on how to make our code faster and testing how long the computer takes to run our website. It was crucial to use a Django framework, which allowed us to stay organized and help us implement great software design practice. We are looking to change our regional communities of skiiers to prevent less deaths correlated to avalanches.

Potty Finder - iOS

Potty Finder is an iOS application that I have created for my senior project. This app targets users who are in an unfamiliar area and want to find a clean restroom near them. As soon as this app is opened, it requires permission to use the current user's location. With location services turned on, my app will display any restrooms on a map that have been rated by our peers. This app will help people find a restroom that they are comfortable using when they are traveling or can't make it home. This app will also display features of a certain restroom such as: if you need a key to get inside, if there is any accessibility options, if there is a baby changing station, or if there is an all-gender bathroom and etc.

This application was designed with an MVC design, so I can keep my views of the design and the code separate. This allowed me to easily integrate a database and easliy read, write, and delete from firebase. This project helped me practice my design ambitions and also helped me critically think about how to make it the best for user experience. Whenever I didn't know how to do a certain functionality, I was able to seek help from other with Xcode experience. I also gave a demo presentation, which allowed me to recieve great feedback and improve the functionality of my application. I believe this project can help communities on the global spectrum, because I believe this app can help many people and help restaurants to stay clean and updated. This project was out of my comfort zone, and I was able to learn how to create iPhone applications and a new coding language



Personal Website

The website you are currently on is my personal portfolio website if you didn't know. I had been introduced to web design in high school when I did an internship with a web design company. I have always been intrigued by how websites were made and this opportunity helped me get my foot in the door. After being introduced, I then learned some more website creation skills in some college courses and some online courses. I wanted to create this website to really showcase my abilities and because I thought it would be awesome to make a website about how I learned to make this website.

Designing a website and making it look appealing to consumers is not an easy task. A lot of thinking went into the design portion and allowed me to seek help from others and ask their opinion. A lot of critical thinking and creativity was involved to make the user experience and the ease of navigating the website, as best as possible. I believe this project can help a local global community of website developers and showcasing an example of how a portfolio website can look. I was also able to design this website with an Express framework to allow me to keep my software design organized.

Voyager Game

My software engineering group and I created a web application to help young students with basic addition and subtraction. We created a game where students had to answer ten questions correctly to move onto the next level and there are 10 levels. I was responsible for the teacher view of the application. I used javascript to create histograms of each students data and histograms to compare classes together. To achieve this, we had to retrieve data from our firebase database with students and teachers who signed up.

This project allowed me to work collectively in a team and really set the tone for development in a group setting. Working with this group, it showed me the importance of communication, collaboration, and the use of critical thinking in a team. Whenever a teammate would get stuck on a situation, we would all come together and problem solve for the best and most creative solution. This project also showed me the importance of being specific in directions and concise in your software design. Adapting to new frameworks and new databases, we all had to learn quick and help each other out in every possible.




My brothers taught me how to play minesweeper a couple years ago and I have been playing ever since. After learning recursion in data structures, I wanted to try and make a minesweeper game. I used recursion to find out how many bombs are around a tile and I also used recursion to uncover all zeroes around when a zero is uncovered. I created a small and big version of the game in c++ on the terminal.

This project helped me obtain a system-level understanding of the computer by being able to create this on the terminal. I was able to create this game with terminal commands and terminal editors. One of the biggest issues of the development process was uncovering all the zeroes around a zero that has been uncovered. That is when I had to problem solve and use concepts of software design to optimize my code and implement recursion to effectively and efficiently complete this task. This project helped me acquire significant individual programming knowledge while achieving critical thinking goals.

Stocks Webscrape

I am an avid investor into the stock market for personal finance and for my future savings. There was one point where my friend and I used to talk every day about the stock market and different deals companies were making. So I had the idea to create a webscrape of data to make it easier to look at. This example is Tesla from Yahoo Finance but in the code, there is an option to add a bunch of companies to a csv file or to view it on the terminal.